Two years ago, I first time spent my summer in New York City, it was when America legalized same-sex marriage on June 26th after years of struggles and fights. I clearly remember how lively, happy, and inspiring the pride parade 2015 was when I got out from a hair salon on 32nd street. I didn’t know what happened, it was super crowded! I’ve never seen something like that before in my life. Everybody got that six colors flags, waved to the parade. I actually had few questions in mind (Where were these people from? Were they all gay? They’re straight, and still came here for support?) Anyway, I didn’t care much about that, I just joined them. It was one of the most special feelings that I still had for the parade this year… the feeling of not being alone!

IMG_7723This kind of moment is when I realized that freedom is something that we should really demand and celebrate for, not taking it for granted.

IMG_7724No matter you’re gay or straight; white or black or asian or latino or whatever; we’re all here for freedom and equality.

IMG_7678We all celebrate for love and diversity.

IMG_7728We live like tomorrow doesn’t exist.

IMG_7726Judgments and criticises can’t stop us, they make us stronger.

IMG_7679These colorful flags blowed the city!

IMG_7687Everybody has their own stories and messages 🙂

IMG_7767A beautiful pole dancer!


IMG_7759So colorful...

IMG_7761A group of people on a lotus? ...

IMG_7786Spiderman at the parade.

IMG_7715This group seemed very formal 🙂

IMG_7760Butts… Why would you give a f**k about what others think about you? They don’t live your life!

IMG_7750Pink group :))

IMG_7778Is that a she, or he, or… Is it that important? That person is happy! That all you need to know!

IMG_7673They were all in white!

IMG_7792Chase Bank joined the parade!

IMG_7790Pink again 🙂 They look very young, very happy!

IMG_20170626_225417_530It’s me! I swinged and screamed a lot at the parade. It was a great day!

To all of my friends, be strong, be you… people who love you will stay.