Alabama was one of the most interesting locations I stopped by on my road trip to New Orleans from New York City; I decided to spend a night in Fairhope -a small town in the south of Alabama-. I was about to stay in Montgomery, but because of one picture I found on social media, I changed my mind and drove straight to Fairhope (you will see the picture soon in this article). It was such a lovely place.


I’ve heard about Alabama, but I honestly had no ideas about how it look as well as understand the history and people here. I was just a traveller stopped by for a night and I didn’t have chance to discover much; but I have to say this place was very different. I took this picture from a beautiful restaurant next to Mobile Bay where I couldn’t find a better spot to enjoy the sunset.


I saw this walkway on Instagram, which is located in Fairhope; and there you go, I came here because of it 🙂 .Seeing the sunset from here with my special one (secret) was one of the best moments of the whole trip. It was peaceful.  

IMG_7423Standing here and looking far beyond all these boats, I saw another town was lighting up. It was interesting to see a lively place got ready for the night on the other side of the bay.


I took this picture when the night was about to cover this area. The sky turned into pink, which is reflected in the water. It looked like a magical mirror in the middle of nowhere.