Art, a vast topic; however, in this particular article, I want to talk about watercolor, something I began learning not long ago. Now, I’m in love with it; and it has become my new hobby. If you are a watercolor lover, we have something in common!

Watercolor is one of the most popular painting techniques originating from Europe using solutions of pigments and water. I love watercolor because it is pure, gentle, and especially mysterious.

Below are some of my works and their stories, I hope you enjoy them!


I did this painting on a rainy day in New York. The painting is inspired by two different photographs from Will, one of my favorite people on social media. The first photo captured a red house among snow field in Norway, and the second one is a white reindeer, also in Norway. I was impressed by the pink purple sky, and the magical feel of the reindeer, so I decided to put them together.


It’s me in a cornfield in Rochester, Minnesota! (link to this place)

The painting describes an “in the middle of nowhere” feeling, which shows how small humans are compared to nature. In this project, I didn’t focus on small details, all I wanted to do was to play with colors.


Here I am, again, in South Dakota! (link to this place)

In this painting, I also wanted to describe the “in the middle of nowhere” feeling. With watercolor, I don’t want too much control, I let color and water do the works.

To me, painting or art in general is all about experimentation, you feel free to create what you want. Beauty is subjective… and so you are the one define what beauty is.

photogrid_1483476562942Again, it’s me in Yellowstone! (link to this place)

These two are parts of four paintings that express the same idea - the “in the middle of nowhere” feeling . The picture on the left is me next to Yellowstone River, the other one is me playing in a random creek in Yellowstone.

I wanted to use watercolor to tell my road trip story. I had chances to see many beautiful places in this country that left me speechless in the presence of it’s nature.  

photogrid_1483476246500These are few paintings that I created from direct objects in my watercolor class.

Sometimes, painting is the best way to practice to be more patient. One of my favorite professor, Janis, said, “Be good to your art, and your art will be good to you”. Good or bad all depends on perspectives, but when you already try your best, you feel happy about it.


I did these two also from direct objects. Painting fruit is a very good idea to practice with composition, color and value. Again, it is all about experimentation, especially with watercolor, your work can tell your personality. Just be honest with yourself, and have fun!


I painted these two from two random photographs. In these two paintings, I put the photos upside down and just focused on the shapes. It was challenging but I enjoyed it!  

There are really no rules in art; and for me, the most important factor of a painting isn’t about how perfect or professional it is from composition to value, or just because it is in the museum, it’s about the story, the vibe, and the message it shares with the audience. Watercolor is one way of communication. Your paintings tell people who you are; and there is no right or wrong here…