It was a beautiful day in November, and me without a jacket. Autumn in New York City is romantic just like a movie, where I could just stand and look at yellow leaves falling down from the trees.

201611191950238493The weather was very pretty. I decided to head out with this light colored outfit plus a pair of silver sneakers. I was about to wear a light jacket, but for whatever reasons in mind, I didn’t.

201611201207000107Like my t-shirt says, “CHILL” …Yes, chill! I woke up and just put on whatever I felt like at that moment. I love the soft material and the cutting lines of this t-shirt, it is just very me.

img_6471This is my favorite watch recently, partly because it’s a birthday gift from a special friend. I love watches from Swatch, they are simple but cute; they always give me good feelings to look at.

201611191622163100I got this white jeans from Zara, one of the most popular brands to shop these days. I like soft texture, and it looks nice with my t-shirt.

img_6553Look at this lonely bench on the sidewalk! It looks so autumn, doesn’t it? I was walking on this beautiful sidewalk, and I can’t stop taking pictures just to save all the amazing things in my camera.

20161119-1093104236-2I like this outfit a lot! It is simple and fresh, which I think it perfectly matches with color of those trees in Central Park. A friendly smile makes it looks even better 🙂

img_6493This is the only pair of sneakers I have in this color. They are bright but gentle. I got them with a very good deal from ASOS. This online brand always have good stuff, don’t forget to check them out for Black Friday coming.

img_6551Look at the place! I know, right?...



T-shirt: ASOS

Jean:  ZARA

Sneaker: ASOS

Watch: Swatch