I wish I could fly for a few minutes just to see Central Park and the high buildings in New York City. It would be an extraordinary view which has two completely different vibes ;one is modern, busy life and the other is very peaceful with thousands of trees.  


New York City is a fast lifestyle, most of the people are in a rush. However, sometimes you really need to slow down and look around to really enjoy the surroundings. Taking one step at a time makes the moments more meaningful so that you can appreciate the good things NYC has to offer.


Have you ever taken a walk in Central Park? Maybe in the weekend or when you have free time? If not, try it this weekend, especially now in the fall. Let’s temporarily forget about jobs, rent and all the stressful things. Go breathe some fresh air and experience life around you.


It is so great to see thousands of different things and actions take place!  

I stood in this spot for a while to enjoy the beautiful music performance. 


The more I live in New York City, the more I love it. In this fall season, middle of November in Central Park, the trees really create a stunning picture. I take a deep breath looking at people playing in this lovely place; and had to save it in my camera.  


Delacorte Theater looks very charming from the top of Belvedere Castle. I’ve heard there are Shakespeare shows and many classical works take place there. I haven’t had the chance to attend any of them yet. I’ll most definitely hunt for one soon. 


Growing up in a country which has only two seasons a year, rainy and sunny, I feel grateful to experience this interesting transition from summer to autumn, and now gradually to winter. It is so pretty!  


The lake in Central Park on the west side around 86th street is my favorite place. I always enjoy seeing the city from the other side of the lake. I admire seeing the water fountain and the shadow of these building on the water. I also like walking around to take some pictures with my friends or by myself.