I came to Wyoming and got to know Yellowstone by fate...

I went to my first college in Powell, Wyoming in 2012 and lived there for 2 years. Why Wyoming?... I'll tell you when we have a chance to meet! (long story)... Anyway, it was a great experience; and I can't thank the destiny enough for bringing me to this special place and letting me meet amazing people over here.

Now, let me tell you about Yellowstone...


Yellowstone is the first national park of The United State that is mainly located in Wyoming. It is famous for wildlife, hot springs, mudpots, and a number of geysers around the park. If you are an adventurous person - you like camping, hiking, and discovering the forest; you love nature and animals - Yellowstone should be on your list now!


One of my favorite things about Yellowstone is that it has many beautiful creeks and rivers, especially in the summer when I just want to play with water the whole day. In the park, you can easily find rivers and creeks; a good thing is you can stop by and play with them. Hopefully you can see bears!  


Is this view amazing? It is the Gibbon river. The picture cannot really tell how great it is. You just need to come and stand there to see the whole thing. The water from Gibbon Falls flows down to this river and keeps going to somewhere I don't even know between these mountains and trees.


Welcome to West Thumb Geyser Basin!

The deer eating grass next to a blue geyser. They seem very comfortable with their place; they enjoy the wildlife without caring about those curious people, including me, looking and taking photos of them.


I love the blue color of these geysers. Looking at them, I see how lovely the nature is. I'm not sure how long it took the earth to create these incredible things; but thank God I already came and got to see them in person.


A group of people kayaking in Yellowstone lake. Look at the landscape!... I know, right?... It is the biggest lake of the park. There are a lot of geysers producing steam around this area, which makes it magically stunning.


The lake actually feels like an ocean to me. Standing at this point, I feel so small next to nature.


Another group exploring Yellowstone Lake. They look so excited! I didn't experience paddling a kayak in this huge lake, but I did another thing, which was even more crazy! I'll tell you at the end of the article; keep reading!


Another geyser I found in West Thumb. Look at the color and the details under the hot water! How did nature make it? The average temperature of these geysers is about 95.5°C. You can see steam from it.


This is a small hot spring in a heart shape next to Yellowstone Lake. The water seems super hot inside! It is my favorite spot in the park, which feels like a fairy island on earth.


A different geyser with a very impressive color. It is yellowish around the edge, then goes into orangish, and brownish at deeper levels, but the water is dark blue right in the middle. Isn’t it so gorgeous?img_5527

I stopped the car and walked up to the mountain to see this cool spot. Under the steam is a hot mudpot. A Mudpot is a natural boiler with a clay surface that makes it impermeable. The smell from it reminded me of the chemical people use to dye hair.


There were so many bison playing around these mudpots. I was so close like I could touch them. There are plenty of bison in the park; and I'm sure you will see them when you get to Yellowstone. They are actually very friendly.


This is how Yellowstone looks when the sun is about to go down. In the golden hour, thousands of trees wear the same color, which creates a magical picture. I was driving on the hill but had to pull off the road to enjoy the scene that I might not have the chance to see again.


It’s so great that there are always spaces on the road for people to stop by at the beautiful points. Driving on this curvy road in the middle of these huge mountains makes me feel so tiny. I was actually a little bit shocked because of the landscape. It feels so strong!


When the night is about to cover everything, all the far mountains turn into purple. This view reminds me of “The Lion King”, one of my favorite childhood movies.


I visited Yellowstone a few times before when I lived in Powell, but this was the first time I spent the night in the park. The moon looked so bright in the dark sky, and this was when I really felt the wildlife in the park. It was a little bit chilly.


There are a lot of camping areas in Yellowstone and you should have your own tent in case you want to  sleep over in the park. The bears do walk around at night so… be careful!... And I have to tell you that waking up in nature with the sunlight and fresh air is the greatest feeling ever!


This is the road near my camping ground in the morning. There are full of trees on the sides creating a fresh feel that makes people just want to stay. I saw many people biking in this area.


Guess what ? This is the world’s largest active geyser named “Old Faithful” , which is one of the “must see” places when you get to Yellowstone. I personally don’t like it that much, because there are always a ton of people sitting around waiting for the eruption.


Eruptions can shoot from 14,000 to 32,000 liters of boiling water, which jumps up to a height of 106 to 185 feet (32 to 56 m). The water usually takes 45 to 125 minutes to erupt, and  lasts from 1.5 to 5 minutes.


This is a very lovely creek near Old Faithful. I told you! There are a lot of rivers and creeks  🙂


Do you see a group of people in this photo?

Do you see how small they are compared to the nature?

This is Upper and Lower Falls from the walkway. It is a part of the Yellowstone river which begins in the Absaroka Range, Wyoming.


After dropping 422 feet from Upper and Lower Falls, the river continues flowing through this stunning Grand Canyon of Wyoming. How cool!


I was standing at another part of the Yellowstone River. The water keeps flowing to North Dakota, where it eventually joins the Missouri River.

How crazy when I passed by Missouri River in South Dakota, and then met the Yellowstone River in Wyoming which was technically one river at the end.


I love these colorful rocks under the water at Yellowstone Lake, but too bad I didn’t bring home some. The water is very clean that you can see every single detail of the rocks.


I was telling you that I did something crazier than kayaking; here it is! I rented a motor boat and rode further to the lake where the waves were bigger. I sped up and moved around to see the water and the landscape, which created a beautiful wave behind. I was a little bit scared at first when the weather got more windy and colder... but I made it. It was great!

Yellowstone, Wyoming is the last destination of my road trip from New York City. I basically came back to visit the place I used to live, full of memories and emotions. Yellowstone is beautiful as always; it gives me different experiences every time.

“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”  (Ibn Battuta)

Get ready for your own journey!