Cloud Gate in Millennium Park

Cloud Gate was always on my mind when I thought about Chicago; and it was the first thing I wanted to see when I arrived to this unique city. It looked like a giant bean that travelled from Mercury and landed on Millennium Park. The alien object reflects Chicago's skyline, the clouds, the buildings, and the everyday visitors.


Wrigley Square is a beautiful area located on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Randolph Street. It’s very close to Cloud Gate. I was impressed by this white columns of the Millennium Monument, which stands among tall buildings.


I walked by a museum but I can’t remember its name. I saw the elaborate capitals of these columns and then I saw Millennium Park. Among plenty of modern buildings, a museum with European ancient architecture makes the city more unique.


This is the view of Chicago Riverwalk I took from Michigan Avenue Bridge. There were a lot of sidewalk restaurants all along the Riverwalk. I didn't get to take a river cruise but it was beautiful to look at.


I visited the San Antonio Riverwalk once when I was in Texas. I was amazed by its fresh air and the glow of lights at night time. The Chicago Riverwalk was beautiful in a different way; it had a big city vibe and a vibrant life.


The baby blue bicycles in downtown Chicago made this trip so  interesting. I love the color and the idea of having these bikes in the city. This is what I remember about Chi-town's morning life.


Navy Pier was my favorite area. I could just sit there for hours enjoying looking at the water, birds, boats, and people. IMG_4962

Lake Michigan is one of five Great Lakes of North America, which makes Chicago so special. I took this picture around 4 PM after swimming in the lake; this is just a very tiny part of Lake Michigan.


I didn't know Chicago is also called "Windy City" until I came here, and understood why. It was hot, but the wind really comforted me.

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These white boats were so beautiful, a perfect match for the the blue water. They reminded me of 90s Miami.


The white lighthouse with the green stripe in Navy Pier was very cute. There were many places you can get food and drinks, and enjoy the view. I had a Coors Light and chicken wings with a special friend in a random restaurant in this area.  


Boats and water again. I love these so much. They are definitely what I will remember about Chicago. It was very cool to look at the boats from near to far in different angles. I would paint them on a canvas if I had chance to come back.


Another random picture from Navy Pier.

IMG_4974* This view, here, is from Willis Tower *

Chicago was just one of the cities I stopped by on my road trip from New York to Yellowstone.

When taking such a long journey, you’ll have the greatest feeling. Why? You’ll see more than you ever expected. Even though we feel like it sometimes, we don’t travel because we want to get away. We travel to see what life offers us, to discover ourselves, and to appreciate what we have.