Beautiful cornfields in Minnesota

On this journey from New York City to Yellowstone, I had the chance to see many beautiful places in the country; the cornfields in southern Minnesota was one of them. I traveling from one state to another, it’s like I was going to a different nation.


Rochester, Minnesota was a different world compared to New York City. They were different in the way they look and also in their people and culture.


While looking for Minnesota Lake, I came across this beautiful road between hundreds of acres of grassy plains. I stopped the car and took some photos. This place was in the middle of nowhere.


I packed a lot of tank tops for the trip; and this "beach" was one of my favorite. This white outfit with a straw fedora made me feel like a farm boy.


Standing among these cornfields, I understood that America wasn't only about high buildings with modern technology. There were just cornfields until you hit skyline. IMG_20160903_132841

I wish everybody has opportunity to experience what I did. It was a trip to see different sides of the country that I've been living in for years. Trust me, the more you see, the more curious you will be; and the more curious you are, the more you will learn.


Outfit detail: 


Tank Top: H&M

Short: ZARA