The Garment District - World's Fashion Capital

The name "Garment" and the giant needle piercing the button already tells you about this place. The Garment District is located in Midtown, New York City between 5th Avenue and 9th Avenue, from 34th to 42nd streets. It’s the heart of the fashion capital of the world with a number of fashion showrooms, warehouses, fabric stores, material suppliers, factories, and designers stories.


I started my day exploring this area by having coffee at a random cafe' on the sidewalk. I tasted the coffee with the view of New York City in the morning. I placed my earphones into the pocket; and listened to the sound of this vibrant neighborhood. It was so beautiful!


A man's sewing clothes on the street could be the icon of the Garment District, which shows the role of fashion in this place. If you found Soho and 5th Avenue as havens for shopping, the Garment District would be the "behind the scenes" of fashion. This is the area where you can see the process of  producing clothes.


The Fashion Walk of Fame on 7th Avenue, from 35th to 41st Streets will tell you the stories of designers who made the Garment District become the world's fashion center. Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, and Marc Jacob are some well known names that are inducted on this Fashion Walk.


One of the most interesting things about New York City is that you can see a lot of cool buildings, but I don't know what goes on behind closed doors. In the Garment District, there are many trim shops, fabric stores, and fashion factories on the 2nd, 5th, or 8th floor in these buildings. Seventh Avenue is also called Fashion Avenue because of the lively fashion activities here.


I walked south from 42nd Street and I came across this beautiful spot next to a Deli. New York City is such a busy place. Everybody is rushing to get places but sometimes you need to slow down and look around to really enjoy it, make moments meaningful, and to take the next step.


This is my favorite picture of the day I explored the Garment District. I caught this moment suddenly when I walked across the street. Each person in the photo might have a different destination but they're all in the same city and they make it very "New York".


If you visit the Garment District, do not forget to step down few blocks to 32nd Street to have some Korean food. I've tried Korean food in many different places in America, but this "K-town" has the best ones so far. I will probably spend a day to introduce you my favorite restaurants and shops in this area.


People said that living in New York, you will either hate it or love it, no middle feeling. However, for me I want to have it in the middle, that way it keeps me discovering and learning more about the city. In real life, sometimes you don’t have to choose one instead of another; you have the power to make it work in your own way.