The Center of Fort Tryon Park

New York city is well known for many beautiful museums; and The Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park is one of them. It looks like a European castle next to Hudson river. I went there in a beautiful day with a special friend; and took a lot of beautiful pictures.


European architecture has influenced the world for a long time, and has always impressed people by beautiful sculptures and particular characters. This garden reminded me of some foreign movies I watched when I was a child; and it also looked like the landscape in disney's cartoons.  


The color of pillars and the way they looks are amazing. It was hard for me to catch a moment without people walking around here. The European features are incorporated with a little hints of green plants make this place gorgeous.


I'm not sure if I should call this a window 🙂 ..Maybe a huge window, the outside view from it looked fresh and beautiful. I've heard this place has been used as a filming location many times.


The entrance was speechless to me. I'm not surprised why many directors chose it for their movies. The stones, the trees, and the curves match perfectly together.


This is my favorite picture in all. I love the edges, the blue sky, and the wall's details. This shows the beauty of European architecture, which is very elegant but powerful.


There are many more beautiful scenes at The Cloisters that you should come and experience.