A hot day in Soho, New York


I chose my favorite sporty tank top for a hot day hanging out with my friends in Soho. While my friends were catching their Pokémons [haha], I found this beautiful building; so I decided to take some photos to share on my blog.


For this outfit, I picked a pair of red Nike Air that I bought three years ago. Spending money for a pair of Nike is always worth it.



I love this G-Shock <3 .. I got it when I was on a vacation in Florida very long time ago; and it matched with all kinds of outfits. I saw Enrique Iglesias wore the same one in his music video "Heart Attack", I was so excited.



It was a long and old jean from COTTONON 🙂 .. I cut it into this short. 


The back of this tank top is so attractive. It is a little bit oversize, which is a good choice for summer. I got it from asos.com.



*Necklet is from ALDO*


Every piece of this outfit is from different brands, but they're matched and look great together. Especially, each has its own story from the person wearing it.